The Game


Reading has never been so much fun!


Antura and the Letters is a free, playful smartphone and computer game that seamlessly mixes the best entertainment technology with practical Arabic educational content to give kids ages 5 – 10 an engaging learning experience.


Collaborating with expert educators and psychologists, the development team transformed the primary school Arabic literacy curriculum into a fun journey in which kids progress at their own pace, one step at a time. The game rewards players as they increase their Arabic reading skills!

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Game features

  • 23 fun games covering the full Arabic primary school literacy curriculum
  • 9 types of quizzes to specifically test and reinforce each subject your child learns
  • Customize Antura and his play space with over 500 different item combinations!
  • 6 incredible worlds with different environments like mountains, islands, villages and more
  • 15 learning blocks in each world to guide your child’s progress step by step
  • All Modern Standard Arabic letters (including letter sounds, combinations and special cases)
  • More than 400 words taught


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