A game design with refugee families and children


From the very beginning, Antura and the Letters team wanted to involve families and children in the design of the game.

During the concept phase, Middle Eastern families participated in focus groups to help develop content that supports the learning needs of children.
During the production of the game, we made numerous playtests with children in Lebanon, but also refugees throughout Europe, from Swedish classrooms to Red Cross camps in Germany. Our goal was to be sure that the content appeals to children and unlocks their learning potential.

Help to improve the game and support our team

Antura is in Open Beta. We still want to improve the content of our game and we need your help. If you want to contribute, here’s how:


  • Send us testimony or photos via our facebook page
  • If your children draw pictures of Antura, please send them to us: the whole team would love it!
  • Send us your children’s progression data via the parent section of the game. This data help us to determine where children are having issues progressing in the game and are benefiting from the pedagogical content. All data you send through the game is anonymous and will help us upgrade our game.